Delectable DIY: Free Halloween Cupcake Tag Printables

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays- you want to know why?  It’s one of the sweetest!  Candy?  Treats?  Pumpkin desserts?  Yes, please!  Just last week we had so much fun decorating our store with festive banners, sassy signs, and lots and lots of Halloween goodies.  What a delicious holiday.

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You should, of course, order our fantastic already-decorated Halloween treats (we ship nationwide!) but if you are a hard core do-it-yourselfer like me, you’ll want to add a little something extra.  One of my favorite ways to do so is to add tags!  We do this all the time at Sweet E’s- one little printed circle can take an adorable sweet from super to absolutely stupendous.  From favorable to fabulous.  From wow to holy cow!  You get the idea.  These little tags are powerful.

IMG_0958 copy>Aren’t they adorable?  You see how the borders look like they’re covered in sprinkles?  I was inspired by our amazing Halloween cookies!<

IMG_0942 copy

What You’ll Need:

Our Sweet E’s Halloween Tag Printable printed onto an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of card stock (click the link to open up a PDF for easy printing)

A 1″ hole-punch or scissors

Clear tape



What to Do:

1.  Cut out your tags with the hole-punch or scissors.

IMG_1035 copy

2.  Tape each circle to a toothpick.  (I used a small piece across the back.)

IMG_0962 copy

3.  Insert the bottom of the toothpick into the middle of a cupcake.

IMG_0969 copy

4.  Admire.

IMG_0985 copy

We also love attaching the tags to our cake pops!  We use a glue gun for extra holding power, but you can also use clear tape.

IMG_0993 copy

That’s all from me with this week’s Delectable DIY.  Stay tuned for more Halloween fabulousness from Sweet E’s Bake Shop!

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A Word From E: Cakes that Take the Cake!


As the owner of Sweet E’s I am amazed every day at the incredible work that comes out of our kitchen.  I am so excited to be able to share some of my favorite orders with you! We have had the great pleasure of making some really cool cakes.  Here are some of my favorites.

28 foot Lasagna Cake

It’s not every day that we get asked to create a 28 foot long lasagna cake for the grand opening of the Santa Monica Place Mall.  I am a major pasta person so when designing this cake I pictured a mouth watering, super cheesy, piping hot lasanga!

train cake 2 This 5 foot train cake was so much fun to create! What’s better then a train that’s transporting chocolate rocks, cake pops, & chocolate covered oreos.  Now that is my kind of transportation.

Dog Cake

I surprised my husband at our wedding rehearsal dinner with this Groom’s cake.  This life size replica of our dogs Cody & Luna was truly a masterpiece! And Cody is still eating my shoes.


This was a cake that we designed for our new store called Dessert.  I don’t think we could have created a cake more fitting.

DSC_0921 I know we have posted this cake a bunch already, but it’s worth spotlighting one more time.  This is the cake we made for Fergie’s baby shower.  For sure the coolest topsy turvey cake we have done to date!

To see more of our amazing cake designs check out our cake gallery here!



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Lillian Loves: Back To School!

Okay, okay so it’s almost October everyone has already been in school for a month or so. But what can I say? I’ve always been a fan of the snooze button. Which is why getting back in the school groove was always a bit of an adjustment for me. So! Here I am with some ideas on how to ease back into the scholarly season. Or at least make it more fun. First thing is first: TREATS.

Need a teacher gift? Planning a study party? Or maybe you owe yourself a treat because you made it to all your classes on time today! Whatever the reason- we've got you covered on back-to-school treats.

Need a teacher gift? Planning a study party? Or maybe you want to do something nice for yourself because you made it to all your classes on time today.  Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered on back-to-school sweets. Shown above: our Back-to-School Cupcake Package and our Apple Cake Pops!

Did you know that dark chocolate helps boost your memory? While studying snack on our Dark Chocolate Cake Pops, Espresso Cupcakes, or Dark Chocolate covered pretzels! Bring them to a study group!

Did you know that dark chocolate helps boost your memory? Really! While studying, may I suggest you snack on our Dark Chocolate Cake PopsChocolate Expresso Cupcakes, or Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels? Just because it’s brain food doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious. Bring some to a study group! Just be sure to share. You don’t want a sugar rush while you’re stuck in the library, trust me, I know.

Another idea that DOESN’T involve sweets (sorry) on how to make returning to school more fun is crafting your supplies. Here are some fun DIYs! Because why shouldn’t you have a glittery stapler or fun text book covers?

Message Board by

Glitter Stapler by Pitter and Glink

Pencil Vase by Love of Family and Home

Notebook Cover by Sophie’s World

Acorn Pencil Toppers by Red Ted Art

Custom Pencils by No Time for Flash Cards

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