A Spoonful of Inspiration: Personalized Wedding Desserts

One of our favorite things about being located in L.A. is that it is wedding season all year long!  When it’s usually 70 degrees (even in January!), every day is a beautiful day for a wedding!  We love working with our amazing brides and helping them make their special day feel personal, even when it comes to the desserts.  Here are some of our favorite ways to make wedding sweets just a little bit more special!  (See these ideas and more in our Wedding Gallery.)

1.  Add Photos

Personalized Wedding Sweets-001Personalize your wedding desserts with a photo!  We love adding edible photographs to our cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, dipped Oreos, and cakes.


2.  Add Your Initials

Personalized Wedding Sweets-002This is a very simple but elegant way to make your wedding treats just a little more personal.


3.  Themed Sweets

Personalized Wedding Sweets-005We love matching our sweets to a theme or color scheme.  If you’re just looking for a “wedding” theme, we can do that too!


4.  Add Custom Tags

Personalized Wedding Sweets-004Send a special message with your sweets!  We love adding tags to our custom desserts.


5.  Bride and Groom Sweets

Personalized Wedding Sweets-003Make your sweets look like you…literally!  We have so much fun creating fondant versions of the bride and groom!  We’ve also recreated wedding dresses or an invitation into our delicious treats.


6.  Sweet Bridesmaid (plus Flower Girl and Ring Bearer) Gifts

Personalized Wedding Sweets-006Ask your loved ones to be part of your wedding (or say thank you!) with a sweet gift.


7.  A Fun Groom’s Cake

Personalized Wedding Sweets-007The possibilities are endless!  Choose one of his interests or just make a small version of his head for a memorable cake at your wedding.


All desserts are created by and all photos are owned by Sweet E’s Bake ShopSee more amazing desserts in our Photo Gallery and call, email, or stop by for a custom quote.


Let us know!:  What are some creative, personal wedding desserts that you’ve seen?

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