Delectable DIY: Easy Christmas Crafts + A Special Team-Up

1We are so excited to be working with Treat this week on a special team-up project!  If you don’t know Treat, you definitely should!  With partners like Shutterfly and Wedding Paper Divas, Treat makes high quality (and super cute!) cards, digital cards, and even gifts.  We immediately went to the Christmas cards because we’re a little holiday-obsessed and finally decided on the adorable design you see above.

Our challenge was to create a blog post centered around our card design, and being the over-achievers we are, we created two!  I will be showing you some cute, easy, and inexpensive DIY projects today and then you’ll see those creations with a custom dessert table on Wednesday with Baker Bree!  I know.  We’re excited too.

DSC_0894I really wanted to bring in the white “snow” from our adorable Treat card design (above) to the dessert table.  When deciding a DIY project to blog, my first thought is that it should mainly use materials that most people might already have or could easily get.  I walked around our bakery and immediately honed in on the cupcake liners.  They’re just so versatile!  My little Winter Wonderland came together pretty easily after that.


DSC_0913Cupcake liners (I used two different sizes)

Lollipop sticks or skewers (I used two different sizes)

Clear tape

DSC_09301.  Take your first liner and press the sides in, creating a point in the middle.

DSC_0931 2.  Push your cookie stick or skewer through the point until the liner is near the bottom.  If you’re going to stick these into something (styrofoam, a cake, etc.) then make sure to leave an inch or so at the bottom.

DSC_09353.  Tape the liner in place.

DSC_09404.  Repeat with a second liner, placing it an inch or two above the first, depending on the size of liner and stick.

DSC_09425.  Repeat until you only have room for one more at the top.

DSC_09536.  Add your final liner to the top!  You can definitely put some double stick tape or a dot of glue underneath to hold it in place, but mine stayed pretty easily without any.

Add your trees…

DSC_0888…a few wintery Sweet E’s cupcakes, a few small styrofoam balls, and some coconut all atop a styrofoam cylinder with ribbon and a pretty tray…

DSC_0871…and you’ve got a cheap, easy, adorable Winter Wonderland!



Onto DIY #2!

DSC_0994I also wanted to tie in the cute candy cane window frame from our Treat card design (above).  These are super easy and super cute!   Candy canes are staples in my Christmas decorating (and Christmas eating) and I wanted a more original way to display them.  I am a huge fan of garlands and hanging decor, so these fun hanging candy cane hearts fell together in a snap.


DSC_0962Wrapped candy canes

Glue gun


DSC_0963 DSC_09641.  Glue the wrapped candy canes together at the top and bottom (like the above pictures) to create a heart.  (You can totally glue together unwrapped candy canes, but then you can’t eat them…priorities, people!)

DSC_09682.  Thread the ribbon through and hang!

DSC_0983Gingerbread house and holiday sweets optional.  But highly encouraged.


See more of our amazing collaboration with Treat this Wednesday!  Seriously, y’all.  So. Cute.

Happy decorating!


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