Easter and Passover at Sweet E’s

Can you believe spring is already here? When did that happen?! Whether or not you can believe it, the season has begun, and with it comes Easter and Passover. For those of you who celebrate one or both of these holidays, I’m sure you’re already thinking about your plans for it. If you’re hosting, you have menus and decor to think about, and if you’re going somewhere, you have hostess gifts to think about. Don’t stress because Sweet E’s has come to the rescue again! We have tons of sweets for both holidays so keep scrolling for lots of pastel deliciousness for Easter and lots of flourless (but still scrumptious) treats for Passover.


Sweet E's Easter Cake in a Jar Package

Sweet E’s Easter Cake in a Jar

Sweet E's Easter Cookie Package

Sweet E’s Easter Cookie Package

Sweet E's Fruity Krispie Easter Egg Carton

Sweet E’s Fruity Krispie Easter Egg Carton


Sweet E’s Easter Cookies in a Jar/Sweet E’s Easter Cake Pops

Click HERE for the entire Easter selection.

…and some Easter tables we’re loving

Easter Tablescape 1

Easter Tablescape 2



Sweet E's Passover Chocolate Dipped Macaroon Gift Package

Sweet E’s Passover Chocolate Dipped Macaroons

Sweet E's Passover Flourless Cupcakes Gift Package

Sweet E’s Passover Flourless Cupcakes

Sweet E's Passover Matzoh Crunch Gift Box

Sweet E’s Passover Matzoh Crunch

Click HERE for the entire Passover selection.

…and some Passover tables we’re loving

Passover Tablescape 1

Passover Tablescape 2

Table Images: House Hunt/Oh My Foodness/Taste With The Eyes/Taste With The Eyes

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