Lets Have Coffee, Cake and “Talk”

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

It isn’t a party without Sweet E’s and our friends over at “The Talk” agree! On Thursday we got a call from “The Talk” telling us they were going to be celebrating Sara Gilbert’s birthday on-air on Friday and wanted us to do the sweets! Of course we couldn’t turn down the invitation so our bakers went right to work to prepare the perfect cake for Sara. We knew that Sara is strictly vegan so we wanted to make her a vegan cake along with vegan cupcakes and somehow include “The Talk” red and white color theme. After much deliberation, we decided on vegan red velvet and vegan creamy chocolate cupcakes all with red and white swirled frosting in addition to a vegan red velvet cake. Some of the cupcakes had Sara’s picture on them (totally edible), others read “Happy Birthday Sara” (again, totally edible) and the others had red and white swirled frosting. The lovely ladies of “The Talk” presented Sara with the cake and gave us a nice shout out! Check out the video to see Sara’s reaction to her birthday cake and cupcake tower. Happy birthday Sara-we hope you had a sweet day!

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