My Desk Is a Diesel: Sweet E’s Goes to the Cinema!

Hey y’all! Chloe here, and today I’m reporting about all the glorious movies in the park throughout the city that the truck and I will be hangin’ around for this summer.

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Rose Photography LLC

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Rose Photography LLC

What a wonderful way to have some fun in LA in the summer, right?! It’s like two of Southern California’s favorite things: movies and the outdoors! I kind of wish I had made a joke there instead of being so literal. Like: two of California’s favorite things: movies and a reason to buy a new, hot outfit! Or movies and a different place to selfie your selfie! That’s not even funny, huh?

Well, the point is, there are so many fun movies in the park that we’ll be attending. This Saturday is our very first moving picture event, and it’s a rulllll good one: Say Anything… at Exposition Park, produced by Street Food Cinema. Also, it’s the 25th anniversary and Ione Skye will be there doing a Q&A!!!! Holy crap, that’s a big deal. She was once married to a BEASTIE BOY! Thank god I’m not doing the Q&A, cause she’d probably be offended by all the questions I’d ask her about her ex-husband. This movie is awesome, and one of the many gems of the 1980s. John Cusack is so adorably cute in this, he’ll make you want to eat at least three stuffed cookies before the credits roll.

Say Anything….about our  cupcakes!

Say Anything….about our cupcakes!

Besides us, there will be a variety of delicious and tasty trucks there on Saturday that’ll keep you company the entire movie. We’re talking Cousins Maine Lobster, The Lime Truck, Canvas Truck, Dogtown Dogs, Street Kitchen and a bunch of other trucks that are sure to whet your whistle and get you blastin’ that boombox above your head!

I strongly urge you to read my previous post about how to enhance your food truck experience. I think there are a lot of great tips on how to have a successful evening, especially while watching a movie, too!

Make sure to stop by the truck, and check out our calendar for all the other wonderful outdoor movies we’ll be attending this summer! Stay cool, dudes!

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