Baking with Bree: diy Halloween Spiderweb Cake

I am going to show you how to decorate a

QUICK & CREATIVE Custom Halloween Cake using 6 easy to find items!

Display it at your upcoming Halloween party &

impress your friends with this homemade Creepy Cake.


Here is what you will need:


  1. Any size cake covered in smooth frosting or Fondant [I chose to use black to make the spiderweb stand out]                                                    
  2. White Chocolate Candy Melts
  3. 2 Oreos
  4. Mini red m&ms [or Redhots]
  5. Black frosting
  6. Plastic or Rubber Gloves

Step 1: 


Poor melted white chocolate melts into a piping bag and cut small hole at the tip of the bag. [helpful hints: melt chocolate in your microwave in 30 seconds intervals; stirring in between each 30 seconds, If you do not have piping bags feel free to use a ziploc bag!]

Step 2:

spiderweb drizzle

Drizzle your cake with the white chocolate [there is no right or wrong way to do this.] Move your piping bag [or ziploc bag] back/forth and side to side until your entire cake is covered like a spiderweb! [helpful hints: this can get messy so throw on some disposable gloves and drizzle your cake over a bowl- a bowl is handy because once the chocolate hardens you can save the chocolate to remelt again for another fun project!]

Look at that! You are halfway done! Now, moving  on…


Step 3:


Dip half of each oreo in your chocolate to help secure it to the side of the cake. The chocolate will work as glue, so hold it onto the cake until it is firm enough to stand alone. [this will act as the “body” to the spider!]

 Step 4:

spidercake eyeballs

Using your black frosting or white chocolate; glue your Mini M&Ms [or Redhots] to one of your oreos for the “eyes.”

Step 5: [Last Step]


Use your black frosting to pipe on 8 long legs & you are all done! [helpful hint: If you do not have black frosting you can always use black licorice for the legs, just make sure to secure them with white chocolate or what I like to call it “edible glue.”]


For more delicious halloween treats visit our website @  You can conveniently purchase some of our SPOOKY SWEET TREATS directly online! Click HERE to view all of our Custom Halloween Desserts.

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Stay tuned for more decorating ideas, tips and tricks!

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Delectable DIY: Free Halloween Cupcake Tag Printables

IMG_1000 copy

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays- you want to know why?  It’s one of the sweetest!  Candy?  Treats?  Pumpkin desserts?  Yes, please!  Just last week we had so much fun decorating our store with festive banners, sassy signs, and lots and lots of Halloween goodies.  What a delicious holiday.

PicMonkey Collage

You should, of course, order our fantastic already-decorated Halloween treats (we ship nationwide!) but if you are a hard core do-it-yourselfer like me, you’ll want to add a little something extra.  One of my favorite ways to do so is to add tags!  We do this all the time at Sweet E’s- one little printed circle can take an adorable sweet from super to absolutely stupendous.  From favorable to fabulous.  From wow to holy cow!  You get the idea.  These little tags are powerful.

IMG_0958 copy>Aren’t they adorable?  You see how the borders look like they’re covered in sprinkles?  I was inspired by our amazing Halloween cookies!<

IMG_0942 copy

What You’ll Need:

Our Sweet E’s Halloween Tag Printable printed onto an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of card stock (click the link to open up a PDF for easy printing)

A 1″ hole-punch or scissors

Clear tape



What to Do:

1.  Cut out your tags with the hole-punch or scissors.

IMG_1035 copy

2.  Tape each circle to a toothpick.  (I used a small piece across the back.)

IMG_0962 copy

3.  Insert the bottom of the toothpick into the middle of a cupcake.

IMG_0969 copy

4.  Admire.

IMG_0985 copy

We also love attaching the tags to our cake pops!  We use a glue gun for extra holding power, but you can also use clear tape.

IMG_0993 copy

That’s all from me with this week’s Delectable DIY.  Stay tuned for more Halloween fabulousness from Sweet E’s Bake Shop!

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