Passover at Sweet E’s

happy passover main photoPassover is a time for my family to come together and reflect on the history of our ancestors. What I love most about this holiday is that I get to spend time with my family and gather around the Passover Seder, one of the most commonly celebrated Jewish rituals. My husband and I are looking forward to celebrating with our little ones this year, and I’m excited that this will be my daughter’s first Passover.

At Sweet E’s we look forward to the challenge of creating delightful and beautiful desserts that are flourless for Passover. This year we have a variety of tasty treats that are sure to make your Passover a little more delicious. Our yummy Matzoh Crunch is made with caramel buttercrunch and dark chocolate, and is one of my favorite treats to have over the holiday. The classic Coconut Macaroons dipped in dark chocolate really do taste as delicious as they look.We also have a delicious line of Gluten Free desserts, made with almond flour, and therefore a great choice to crave your sweet tooth during Passover. Check out all of our Passover goodies on our website and place an order before the holiday!

*Sweet E’s is Kosher certified by Kosher LA.  Sweet E’s certification excludes Passover use. View our certification HERE.


Matzoh Crunch 


Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons 

classiccake-flourlesschocolate__largeFlourless Chocolate Cake

IMG_8662 copyFlourless Chocolate Cupcakes 



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