Sophie’s Smash Cake Photo Shoot

weinberg_0853My little Sophie turned 1 last month, so I just had to do a smash cake photo shoot for her first birthday! Smash cakes are a recent trend that have been going on and they are typically a small cake for the baby to do whatever they please. I didn’t have a particular theme in mind but since I LOVE dressing her up in pink, I knew that the overall color scheme for the photo shoot just had to be pink! I chose our Rose buttercream cake in a pink ombre color, added a few pink balloons for the backdrop, and let her dig in! Take a look below to see a few of my favorite shots from the adorable photo shoot, as well as photos of cute smash cakes we’ve done in the past.


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Thing 1 and Thing 2 Smash Cakes

Cowboy Smash Cake

Olivia the Pig Smash Cakes


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