Spotlight: Our High Holidays Collection

As you know, here at Sweet E’s, we love to celebrate a holiday with a sweet.  So when there are multiple holidays, Rosh Hashanah (Sept 23-25) and Yom Kippur (Oct 3-4), we almost can’t help ourselves! The High Holidays are one of our favorite times of year, as we get to bring out a crowd favorite: the Honey Cupcake. Honey cake? Cream cheese frosting? YUM!

High Holiday Honey Cupcake

Along with a fun collection of cookies, macaroons, challah and pies, you’re sure to have a sweet celebration this year.  Here’s a look at our High Holidays collection!

High Holiday Cookie Collection

High Holidays Cookie Collection

 Honey Cake

High Holidays Honey Cake

 Black White Cookies

High Holidays Black & White Cookies

 Raisin Challah

High Holidays Raisin Challah


High Holidays Coconut Macaroons

Place your orders now for your High Holidays sweets!


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