The Sweetest Party Favors


No matter the celebration, I feel party favors are always important. Think about it. Your guests just had an incredible time at whatever the occasion might have been, and you want them to remember the time they had, the feeling they had at your event, and not forget the memories they made that day or evening. The best way to ensure your guests always remember your soiree is to leave them with a parting gift (i.e. a party favor). That way, the night doesn’t really end once they say their goodbyes because they have something to help them keep the good vibes going.

It’s likely no surprise to you that my favorite type of party favor is within the sweets category. It’s not just because I own a bakeshop, but after a day or night of talking, dancing, eating, drinking, there’s nothing better than capping off the night with something to satisfy that sweet tooth. Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, you name it…you can NEVER go wrong with sweet party favors. Keep scrolling for some of my absolute favorite party favors Sweet E’s has ever created. We’d love to work with you on your party favors, so keep us in mind the next time you’re throwing a party!

Sweet Party Favors 1

Sweet Party Favors 3

Sweet Party Favors 4

Sweet Party Favors 5

Sweet Party Favors 6

Sweet Party Favors 7

Sweet Party Favors 8

Sweet Party Favors 9

Sweet Party Favors 11

Sweet Party Favors 12_feature

See more of the party favors we’ve created HERE.


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One Response to The Sweetest Party Favors

  1. Lindsay says:

    They all look sooo good and are all very artfully done. i love the cinnamon bun idea the best!

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