#HashtagNoFilterPodcast | Julie Lauren X Sweet E's Bake Shop

#HashtagNoFilterPodcast | Julie Lauren X Sweet E's Bake Shop

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In this episode Sweet E's Bake shop Founder Erica Tucker Weinberg and I talk about: -Turning a passion into a business

-A big marketing plug changing the course of the business -Growing a business from a one-woman team run out of a small apartment to a team of 15 (at one point 30!) -The evolution of Sweet E's over the last decade

-Erica's experience on the Food Network shows -Honing in on the focus of the business and excelling in that -Tripling the amount of production with a buttoned-up team and how that process has been

-The importance of hiring the right people -Having kids while running a business and working 7 days/week and how that affected Erica and the business The importance of knowing where your strong suits are, and where they’re not

-Advice for someone starting their own businesses -The learning curve of managing people -Erica's biggest "pinch me" moments (hint: It has to do with Kim Kardashian!) -Being ahead of the curve in terms of dessert trends (looking at you, cake pops)

-Current dessert trends and wedding cake trends -Life lessons ...and much more! IG @sweetesbakeshop @etuckw | www.sweetesbakeshop.com Hashtag No Filter | Real, raw, honest, authentic conversations with real people. No sugar coating and no filter. You might laugh, you might cry, and you'll appreciate the honest and vulnerable conversations.

@julielauren14 julie@julielauren.com #HashtagNoFilterPodcast

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