Time for Sweets | Julie Lauren X Sweet E's Bake Shop

Time for Sweets | Julie Lauren X Sweet E's Bake Shop


Written by: Julie Lauren

When I say I’ve never tasted such good sweets as the ones that come from Sweet E’s, I really mean I’ve never tasted such good sweets.  It is not only the greatest looking bake shop I’ve come across, but it has the most delicious (and some very unique) items, as well. It was featured on Cupcake Wars, celebrities across the nation are huge fans, and their tasty treats have been present at some of the hottest parties in LA. 

The cupcakes are heavenly. The cake pops are to die for. And their newest creation you will not be able to get enough of. Erica Tucker-Weinberg, Founder of Sweet E’s Bake Shop, gave me a look into her incredible business. 



From Prosecco to Plaid: When did you first realize you were so passionate about baking?  
Erica Tucker-Weinberg: Ever since I was a little girl I loved to bake, but it wasn’t until I moved out to LA after college when I realized I could create a business over my sweet tooth.

P to P: What is your all time favorite item that Sweet E’s makes and sells?
ETW: We just came out with the most amazing new product…..Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies! Chocolate chip cookies stuffed with either an Oreo, Rolo, Andes, peanut butter cup, or Twix. I pretty much took my favorite candy bars and literally stuffed them into my favorite cookie. I suggest popping it into the microwave for a few seconds before eating it and it will be the most amazing cookie you have ever had!! Stuffed cookies are also shippable nationwide!

P to P: Besides baking, what are three of your passions?
ETW: I love singing, yoga, & cooking!

P to P: What does Sweet E’s sell the most of (item and flavor)?
ETW: The cupcake trend is still on a high so we definitely sell mostly cupcakes, BUT the cake pop craze comes in a close second.  Our best selling cupcakes are Cookie Dough, Blue Velvet, & Red Velvet.  Our best selling cake pops are Cookies N Cream & of course Red Velvet. We also always have a flavor of the month.  This month’s flavor is Samoa AKA the best Girl Scout cookie in cupcake & cake pop form. Yummm!
P to P: What is something about yourself that no one would ever guess?
ETW: I used to work for a company that made custom race cars.  It was my Danika Patrick moment in life.

You can follow Sweet E’s on Twitter here. You can like them on Facebook here, and don’t forget to check out their website here.