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Mermaid Cakes & Cupcakes Los Angeles

Mermaid Cakes & Cupcakes Los Angeles

The mystique and beauty of mermaids have long been a source of endless fascination for children, which is why hosting a mermaid party and ordering a mermaid theme cake will bring a lot of whimsy to your celebrations. The vibrant colors, intricate designs, and oceanic elements create a visually stunning display, and will transform your event into a magical underwater wonderland.

If you’re hosting a mermaid-themed party for your little one, Sweet E’s Bake Shop is here to help you bring the wonders of the ocean to life with our delectable mermaid cake, cupcakes, and cakesicles. 

Shop Our Mermaid Collection of Treats  

Add a splash of sweetness with our range of treats starting with the Mermaid Fantasy Cake. This whimsical mermaid cake is a visually stunning delight topped with a chocolate mermaid tail. Seahorses and seashells set against a backdrop of sea blue vanilla frosting complete this mermaid birthday cake.    

The mermaid cake goes well with these Mermaid Fantasy Cupcakes, which are also decorated with chocolate mermaid tails, sea horses, and sea shells. Available in confetti and chocolate flavors and topped with vanilla buttercream frosting, these mermaid cupcakes manage to capture the serene waters of the sea and the elegant creatures living in it.

Complete your mermaid-themed dessert spread with our Mermaid Fantasy Cakesicles. These mermaid cakesicles are baked from scratch, then dipped in white chocolate and decorated by hand in sea-inspired designs. 

Let the magic of the ocean come to life on your dessert table with Sweet E’s Bake Shop. Make your mermaid cake, mermaid cupcakes, and mermaid cakesicles even more special by adding Sweet E's signature cake gift box to transform your purchase into a thoughtful birthday gift. Shop for everything you need in one place with our curated selection of extras, including balloons, candles, cake toppers, and sparklers.