Brownies & Bars

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Product Description:
  • Oreo Brownie – Fudge Chocolate Brownie baked/loaded with oreos inside & on top
  • PB Bliss Bar – Peanut Butter & white chocolate fudge bar loaded with rice krispies, marshmallows, & chocolate chips
  • Rice Krispies Treat – Gooey Rice Krispie Treat
  • Vegan Fudge Brownie – Chocolate fudge brownie made with no dairy product (no eggs, no butter, no milk). Ingredients contain: coco powder, chocolate chips, flour, sugar, & oil.



  • Sold individually Cello / Heat Sealed SE sticker on back
  • Vegan Brownie – VEGAN sticker on back


Storage / Shelf Life

Oreo & Vegan Brownie
  • Back Storage: Cooler 
  • Cart Storage: Room Temp Serve: Room Temp 
  • Shelf Life: 3 days 
  • End of day: store in Cart cooler Next day: 1st in, 1st out

PB Bliss & Rice Krispie
  • Back Storage: Room Temp Cart Storage: Room Temp Serve: Room Temp 
  • Shelf Life: 10 days 
  • End of day: store in Cart shelf Next day: 1st in, 1st out


So worth it like the quality and taste was amazing I couldn't stop smiling at the cake I bought for my boyfriend. Very moist cake with nice amount of strawberries and flavor was all perfect. How they decorate the cake is so neat and delicate. Everyone honestly loved the cake everyone had some cake and took some cake home.

Rosa M.

Best strawberry shortcake cake in this city. Cake was moist and the strawberry flavor was consistent throughout the cake. Nothing artificial here. After ordering the cake through their website, I called and asked if I could pick up said cake at 8 am on a Friday. They were amenable to that and pick up was super easy.My boss was definitely pleased with this birthday cake.I'll definitely come back here again for more sweet treats.

Jacob W.