Cake Flavor Menu

Cake Flavor Menu

Cake Flavors

These flavors can be ordered within any of our beautiful cake designs. Simply choose your cake design first, then select your favorite flavor. The cake's outer design will not change based on the flavor you choose.

Special Diet Flavors: Many flavors are available in Gluten Free, Vegan Plant Based, Dairy Free, and Egg Free.

Don't see your favorite flavor? Let us know what you would like. Our bakers may be able to make your request.

Allergens: Our cake flavors do not contain nuts. Our kitchen make sweets containing peanuts, walnuts, almonds, coconut, and pecans. Friends with severe allergies should use caution when choosing to enjoy our sweets.





Vanilla Confetti Cake

Vanilla Confetti Cake

Classic fluffy white cake with colorful funfetti sprinkles baked inside.


Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean

A divine vanilla-scented white cake and fluffy buttercream frosting.


Strawberry Shortcake

Fresh strawberries in glaze atop a pillow of whipped vanilla mousse.



Dulce De Leche

Mouthwatering salted caramel layered with sweet caramel frosting.



Chocolate Lovers

Rich chocolate cake layered with milk chocolate frosting.



Chocolate Salted Caramel

Silky salted caramel drizzled upon a heavenly caramel frosting.



Black & White

Frosting swirled with delightful bits and chunks of oreo cookies.



black and white

Classic chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream frosting.



Rainbow Chocolate Cake

Piled high with 6 layers of bright colorful cake layered with vanilla buttercream.



Red Velvet

A southern classic with rich notes of cocoa and buttermilk. Layered with cream cheese buttercream frosting.











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