Custom cake for Selena Gomez - Rare Beauty

Custom cake for Selena Gomez - Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty, the beauty brand founded by Selena Gomez, was celebrating its two-year anniversary of the singer’s brand. Debuted at the start of the lock down in 2020 – competing amongst a myriad of other celebrity brands .To mark the occasion they reach out Sweet E's to create a cake that perfectly captured the essence of their brand.

 As you imagined we were thrilled to take on this challenge and take all of you with us.  Is not the first time we have done a cake for Selena Gomez, and it make us all proud and flattered that she and her team chose our bakery to be in charge of her cakes. 

Selena Gomez Cake
Selena Gomez custom cake

First, we received a sample from the brand, they wanted us to recreate the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush which was released in eight shaded with dewy and matte finishes, and we were doing the iconic color red blush, one of their most iconic Rare Beauty products. Due to the mainstream appeal, product quality and summer 2022’s sunburnt blush trend. Gen-Z and Millennials started inventing new ways of application and finding different uses for the product. And now we are inventing a new way- EATING IT!

We were creating the cake's shape with more than 4 layered cake and fondant! Fondant is a type of icing that's often used to create intricate cake designs. After molding it into the desire shape

Rare Beauty Cake

, we painted the Screw-on lid with edible gold paint to give it a luxurious finish. We then add details like Rare Beauty logo on the side.

Rare Beauty Cake

 The final result was a stunning cake that perfectly represented Rare Beauty. The rich fondant and the metallic gold finish made the cake look almost too beautiful to eat. But of course it tasted as good as it looks and it did get eaten at their celebration party.

Rare Beauty Cake

If you're searching for a bakery in Los Angeles area, that can make custom cakes for your special occasion, look no further than our Sweet E's Bake Shop team. We are experts in creating unique, one-of-a-kind designs that are sure to impress you and your guests.

Contact us at for quests and look through our gallery to see inspiration of past creations.


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