Discover some unforgettable Cakes

Discover some unforgettable Cakes

At Sweet E's our passion for baking meets creativity! We take pride in crafting unique and delightful cakes that are sure to bring a smile to your face. In this blog, we will share some of the fun cakes we have made, highlighting the playful designs that make us stand out. Join us on this sweet journey as we explore the world of extraordinary cakes!


 Funny Cake for a Friend's Birthday

At Sweet E's Bake Shop, we believe that birthdays should be celebrated with laughter and joy. That's why we love creating funny cakes for our customers' friends! Picture this: a cake shaped like a giant hamburger with icing fries on the side or a cake adorned with silly emojis. We enjoy adding a touch of humor to the occasion, ensuring a birthday celebration filled with laughter and deliciousness! 

Beer cakeCheetos Cake

Where to Get a Cake with a Picture on It?

Are you searching for a personalized cake that captures a special memory or moment? Look no further! Sweet E's Bake Shop offers custom cakes with edible pictures printed on them. Whether it's a snapshot of your child's first steps or a picture of your beloved pet, our skilled bakers can transform it into a delectable work of art. Simply upload the image online, and we'll make sure your cake becomes a memorable centerpiece at any event!

You can choose between: sheet cake options

 Photo Sheet Cake

Where to Buy a Toilet Paper Cake


The unexpected can sometimes become a delightful source of humor. The past year brought about many unique challenges, and we found a way to turn them into something fun. Sweet E's Bake Shop introduced the toilet paper cake, a quirky creation that became a hit! Whether it's for a milestone birthday or to recall those memories of covid, our toilet paper cakes will leave your guests in stitches. Rest assured, they taste far better than the real thing!

Toilet Paper Cake

Toilet Cake


For custom cakes, please contact us at with 2 weeks in advance.


 What Does Rainbow Candy Taste Like


Rainbow candy is a colorful treat that sparks curiosity among dessert enthusiasts. At Sweet E's Bake Shop, we have incorporated the vibrant colors of rainbow candy into our cake, cupcakes and cookie creations.

Rainbow Candy Cake

With cake layers full of colors... Picture a moist vanilla sponge cake with layers of rainbow-colored frosting and a surprise assortment of candies within. The experience is truly a symphony for your taste buds!

 Rainbow Cake

The most amazing cake we have that highlights the rainbow is the Surprise Candy Spill Cake,you can choose the color of the frosting and enjoy cutting it and seeing all the candys that are in the inside!

Rainbow Cake Rollers

Can I Order a Birthday Cake Online

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key. Sweet E's Bake Shop understands the need for seamless online ordering. You can easily place an order for a birthday cake through our user-friendly website.

Homer Simpson Cake

Simply select your desired cake design, size, and flavor, and our talented bakers will bring your vision to life and have it ready for you the NEXT DAY! With doorstep delivery, you can effortlessly surprise your loved ones with a delectable birthday cake that will be the highlight of their special day.

 Where Can I Order a Birthday Cake

Sweet E's Bake Shop offers a convenient solution to your cake needs. You can order our delectable cakes directly from our website or if you are in a rush and need a cake for the same day, look for us on Uber Eats or Postmates and get one of our delicious and best selling cakes.

Donut Cake

 Sweet E's Bake Shop is more than just a bake shop; it's a place where imagination takes shape in the form of delightful cakes, cookies and more treats... Whether you're in search of a funny cake for a friend's birthday or a personalized masterpiece with a picture on it, our talented bakers are ready to make your vision a reality. Experience the joy of unique flavors, eye-catching

Personalized Cookies

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