Elevate Corporate Gifting with Unique Logo Treats from Sweet E's Bake Shop

Elevate Corporate Gifting with Unique Logo Treats from Sweet E's Bake Shop

When it comes Sweet E's Bake Shop offers a delightful range of custom logo treats that are perfect for corporate gifting. From sugar cookies with logo to luxury gifts and personalized cakes, we provide unique and delicious options that will make your recipients feel valued and appreciated.


Unique Corporate Logo Gifts

Finding unique corporate logo gifts that capture the essence of your brand can be a challenge. At Sweet E's Bake Shop, we specialize in creating custom logo treats that are both visually stunning and mouthwateringly delicious. Our skilled team can replicate your company logo onto a variety of treats, including sugar cookies. These logo cookies are made by using butter cream fondant.

Logo Cookies


We help companies show appreciation, through custom messages in our sweets or by just adding their logos, this helps to manage the relationship they have with their customers in a new type of experience. Your main goal should always be to make your clients feel special. This is why it is crucial that you put a lot of thought, time, and effort into the planning process, and that's what Sweet E's is here for, we offer you a wide range of treats you can use to advertise your brand, from shortbread cookies, sheet cakes, cakesicles, Cake pops, Stuffed Cookies and Cookie Cakes. We also offer a host of features for you to choose and customize the product. We’ll get to it soon.

 Sugar Cookies with Logo

 Sugar cookies with your company logo offer a sophisticated and delightful way to showcase your brand. Add your logo to something edible for events, parties, corporate gifting or marketing events. Sweet butter shortbread cookies are made in small batched dressed up with your artwork, printed in edible ink on an edible fondant disc. These logo printed cookies are baked fresh in our Los Angeles bakery and ship nationwide and can be enjoyed for up to three weeks, stored at room temperature.


Luxury Corporate Gifts with Logo

Most of the companies that have trust us over the years, feature their logo on gifts, this ensures your gift is promoting YOU and the client that is receiving it is getting that sense of personalization and thoughtfulness after them. We offer an exquisite range of luxury gifts that can be customized with your company logo. From beautifully curated gift boxes to elegantly packaged treats, our luxury corporate gifts are designed to impress.

Choose between Gift Boxes, heat seal packages, packaging with ribbon on it, and more!

 Corporate Holiday Gifts with Logo

The holiday season is a perfect time to show appreciation to your clients and employees. Sweet E's Bake Shop offers a wide range of corporate holiday gifts each year for Halloween, St.Patricks Day, Valentine's day, Christmas, and more...tune in every holiday to be part of the seasonal treats including your logo on it. From festive cookie assortments, our treats are designed to spread joy and cheer. These logo gifts make for a memorable and thoughtful way to express gratitude during the holiday season.

Holiday Gifts with logo

Custom Cookie Boxes with Logo

For a unique and versatile corporate gift, consider our custom cookie boxes with your company logo. These beautifully packaged boxes can be filled with an assortment of delicious treats, including logo cookies,stuffed cookies with Twix, Oreo or Reese's. Custom cookie boxes are perfect for conferences, trade shows, or as a thank-you gift. They offer a convenient way to showcase your brand while providing a delectable and shareable treat for recipients.
We have Delivery in Los Angeles or you can also send this gifts for Birthday Presents, Holiday Gifts, Client appreciation gift, welcoming gifts or anniversary gifts all over the U.S, we have Nationwide Shipping

Custom Cookie Boxes with Logo

Cake with Photo Printed on It

 If you're looking for a show-stopping corporate gift, consider a cake with a photo printed on it. At Sweet E's Bake Shop, we utilize a printed in edible ink on an edible fondant that goes on top of the cake and you can choose between 1/2, 1/4 or a full sheet cake sizes, add sprinkles you choose the color and also choose the border cake color. This unique and personalized option is perfect for celebrating  company anniversaries, or special achievements. A cake with a photo printed on it serves as a stunning centerpiece that will impress and delight your recipients.

Cake with Photo Printed on It


Corporate dessert gifting has never been more delightful or personalized than with Sweet E's Bake Shop. From logo cookies to luxury gifts and custom cakes, we offer a range of unique and delicious options that will elevate your corporate gifting efforts. Show appreciation, leave a lasting impression, and strengthen your brand with our custom logo treats. Whether it's for a special occasion, holiday gift-giving, or simply to express gratitude


Represent your brand in stunning flavors with our logo cookies! Nationwide Shipping & Delivery | Rush orders welcome | 24 hour turnaround time.Corporate orders | Events | Experiential Marketing | Expos | Conventions | Tradeshows | Client Gifts | Drop shipping | Marketing Campaigns | Product Launches | Wholesale | Small & Mass Quantities. 


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