Attention Friends fans! Have you ever imagined sinking your teeth into a cookie from Central Perk? Well, your dreams have come true with our custom-made Friends cookies! We recently had the pleasure of creating delicious shortbread cookies for the show Friends to sell at Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood.


Friends Custom Cookies


Friends TV Peephole Door Mirilla Monica

Our team of bakers handcrafted each cookie with precision to ensure that both the taste and design matched the show's high standards. We created cookies with the most iconic elements from the show, to resemble the sofa where all 6 friends (Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey) used to hang out and Monica's door frame peephole, complete with the vibrant colors that we all know and love.


Friends Custom Cookies Warner Bros


Shortbread cookies are perfect for any Friends fan who's looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. They're light, buttery, and absolutely addictive. Our custom-made Friends cookies are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a bit of nostalgia and channel the spirit of the show no matter where they are.


Located within Stage 48: Script to Screen, the Friends Boutique is only accessible when you purchase a ticket to the Studio Tour.  The boutique offers a wide variety of Friends-themed merchandise including exclusive kitchen and dining ware and of course the famous and tasty cookies from Sweet E's Bake Shop.  So bring home that perfect gift for your friends.


Friends Custom Cookies
Perfect Gift cookies


If you're on the hunt for "logo cookies near me", look no further! Our team can create custom-made cookies for any occasion or purpose. Whether it's a corporate event, charity fundraiser, or just a fun party with friends, we've got you covered.

So, gather around with your friends and indulge in our delicious custom-made Friends cookies. We can guarantee you won't be disappointed!


ShortBread Cookies


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