Ship to Multiple Homes, Offices or Retail Locations

Ship to Multiple Homes, Offices or Retail Locations

Easily send gifts, favors, and promotional sweets all over the United States, here's how...


It's now easier than ever to drop ship your customized corporate gifts and favors all across the country.Sweet E's Bake Shop has been a trusted corporate partner for over 10 years with over 1 Million sweets sold!


Sweet E's Bake Shop With Corporate Partner




We value time, and despise complicated processes. Here's a fresh take on holiday gifting this year:


1. Customize a variety of classic and custom holiday gifts

Customize cookies or cupcakes with your company logo or just customize your holiday greeting card, included in every package.



2. Enjoy FREE Hand Delivery in LA or FREE Nationwide Shipping.

There's no need to worry about expensive shipping costs blowing your budget.

This year's holiday gifting list has more room in your budget to reach more Employees, Clients, Essential Partners that make your business what it is.



3. Late on ordering this year?

Most gifts are available for Same Day delivery when you order by 2:59 AM Eastern Standard Time (Yes, that early in the morning) or, that also means 11:59 PM the day before for our Pacific West Coast folks. Upgrade to Express Shipping for only $10 more. That means if you order today, you'll get it in 3 days! Amazing!



4. Order Online for the fastest service

Like most businesses in 2020, we love the latest technology. It helps free us up from tedious tasks so that we can spend more time doing the the things that count like, serving YOU!


When you order online, you'll get to take advantage of discounts an amazing offers like FREE shipping. We welcome all emails, but keep in mind, it may take a bit longer to confirm and produce your order.



5. When in doubt, Reach out 😁

Hey hey! We're here for ya! Sweet E's Bake Shop consists of a team of real humans hard at work to serve you. We monitor all incoming orders for accuracy and we're proactive about spotting potential problems. After placing your order, feel free to contact us through email or chat to talk about any issues or concerns you might have. In the cart, there's a box for you to talk to the bakers and designers. We love to read your notes!



6. Download the Bulk Shipping Template

The template is just an organized document for you to let us know each recipients name and address. Get up to date tracking information, and access to where your gifts are in real time. When you fill out the shipping template, you can include an email address to receive UPS updates.


*Make sure to not alter the shipping template columns and headers. To avoid delays and potential disappointments, you might want to run your addresses through UPS to check for any invalid or incomplete addresses. We want to make sure every good boy and girl on you christmas list gets what they deserve this year.


Pro Tip: Create a new, dedicated gmail account to receive your holiday tracking. Don't loose sight of the most important email in your inbox with a flood of tracking updates.


Email us the list when it's done. Easy!


7. Check out

Use the following Shipping Details:


Shipping Details
Questions and answers background

Questions and Answers:

" Can we include our own personalized Holiday Greeting Cards? "


Yes! Please deliver or ship these directly to our bake shop in LA. Let us know when to expect them. If have already placed your order, include your order number.


*Note: All your cards must be exactly the same! We do not have the capability to match specific cards to an address.




" Can I choose to have some packages delivered locally in Los Angeles and other shipped? "


Yes! Follow the prompts on the cart page to specify addresses you would like to be delivered locally and shipped.



" Do you offer customized packaging, like printed sleeves, stickers, gift tags or ribbon? "


Yes! Send us the custom packaging or promo material that you would like to include.

Send it to us as soon as possible. Ideally, we like to have those items 5 days prior to the ship out date of your order.


*Minimal fees may apply for substituting or including your own materials.


In many cases, we can also source specific gift sizes, colors and styles based on your preference. Just let us know what you would like.


Preferred Vendors:


" Can we create our own gift box of custom cookies with specific shapes, colors, and designs? "


Yes! Sweet E's Bake Shop was created from concept of customized sweets that perfectly compliment your brand, theme, and decor.



" Do you offer bulk discounts or corporate gift boxes? "


Yes! Enjoy 10% savings on you corporate christmas gifts when you confirm and pay for your your order at least 2 weeks in advance. Larger discounts available for bulk orders in access of 50 gift boxes.



" Can you ship one cookie to each location? "


Why, Yes we can! We have a beautiful collection of sugar cookie and chocolate dipped oreo greeting cards stating at $8 each.




" Can you ship all my gift packages to one location? Or divide a bunch between a few locations for my team to distribute? "


Absolutely! Let us know how many gift packages will ship to each location on the Bulk Shipping Template.



" Do you provide samples or proofs of custom cookies? "


Yes! Send us an email requesting a free digital proof. Please allow for 48-72 hours to receive your free digital cookie proof.



" Can I order just one custom logo gift box as a sample to try? "


Yes! All of our custom corporate branded gifts can be ordered online in small quantities. Order just one package for pick up or delivery.


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