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Barbie 2 Tier Cake

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Sweet E's Amoura cake transformed into a glamoours Barbie 2-Tier Cake, is one of the original designs from our Floral Cake collection.  This stunning and sleek cake design is a Sweet E's classic.  Decorated in a pale pink vanilla buttercream frosting, hand painted with edible 24 kt gold leaf, and topped with fresh pink roses.  This cake is a true stunner.  A show-stopping confection that embodies elegance and captures the essence of The Barbie Movie. This exquisite cake is perfect for Barbie enthusiasts, fashionistas, and anyone who appreciates a touch of sophistication.

Choose from any of our decadent cake flavors so this cake is truly made for you. This cake design is picture perfect for so many different occasions including birthdays, engagements, showers and any celebration! You can even include a custom cake banner with a celebratory message.

Available for pick up or local Los Angeles delivery!

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Keep your cake looking as good as it tastes!

Keep your cake box level with one hand on the bottom. This will prevent the layers from shifting and the sides of the box from denting your cake.

Transport your cake in the flattest part of your vehicle. Do not place your cake on a seat as this may cause the layers to shift, or in an enclosed trunk without airflow. Please drive carefully with no sudden stops that may cause your cake to move. Our cakes are fragile, drive cautiously!

Your cake is delicate and sensitive to heat. The real butter we use in our frostings make our cakes more likely to melt in warm temperatures. Keep your cake cool by refrigerating it until 1 hour prior to serving. Do not freeze.
Do not let your cake sit out for more than two hours, or overnight. It may melt.

Extra cake?! Lucky, you have a sweet snack for the next day :). Simply store your leftover cake in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to seven days. To freeze your cake, cover any open slices in parchment paper to preserve moisture and then wrap the entire cake as tightly as possible in plastic wrap. Next, put the plastic-wrapped cake in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 3 months.