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Christmas Decorative Cookies | Custom Order

If you can dream it, we can make it! If you would like to inquire about this made-to-order product, please fill out the form below.

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 Picture this trio of deliciousness :a Christmas sock cookie, a wreath cookie, and a Christmas present cookie. Each one is like a little piece of holiday magic baked just for you. Simply order christmas cookies online and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Let's start with the Christmas sock cookie, it's not just a cookie; it's a tiny edible masterpiece. The green icing and adorable ornaments make it almost too cute to eat, but trust me, you won't be able to resist.

Now, onto the christmas present cookie, a classic with a Sweet E's twist. Those red and white stripes aren't just for show; they're a burst of shortbread cookie topped with red or green fondant bow on top.

And let's not forget the Christmas wreath cookie – it's like a festive work of art that you can eat! The wreath shape, the red and green icing and decorative sprinkles with a gold bow – it's the holiday spirit captured in cookie form. And the taste? Pure buttery, crumbly goodness that will have you reaching for more.

What's cool about these cookies is that they're not just tasty; they're custom-made with love and care. Each one is handcrafted to perfection, making them not just treats but little bites of holiday joy. The best part is we have decorative cookies delivery.

You can get your hands on these personalized Christmas cookies with just a few clicks. Yep, Sweet E's makes it super easy with their order chistmas cookies online option. Imagine surprising your friends, family, or yourself with these unique and delicious treats without leaving your cozy spot.