Hanukkah Chocolate Oreo Gift Bag | Single - Sweet E&
Hanukkah Chocolate Oreo Gift Bag | Single - Sweet E&
Hanukkah Chocolate Oreo Gift Bag | Single - Sweet E&

Hanukkah Chocolate Oreo Gift Bag | Single

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Introducing our classic Sweet E's Oreos, now receiving the glamorous Hanukkah treatment! Picture this: our beloved Oreos, individually wrapped chocolate-covered oreos, take a dive into luxurious blue marbled white chocolate. Each one is then crowned with edible gold-painted disks and adorned with embossed classic Hanukkah emblems.

For a festive touch, these individually wrapped chocolate-covered Oreos come tied with elegant blue satin bows, making them not only a delightful party favor but also a sweet Hanukkah treat to share with friends and family this joyous season. These delectable Oreo favors are not just for personal celebrations; they also serve as the perfect Hanukkah holiday corporate business gift for valued clients and employees.

Now, let's talk convenience. Available for order in bulk quantities, these chocolate-covered Oreos individually wrapped are ideal for any gathering, big or small. Whether you're in Los Angeles and can swing by for a pick-up or prefer hassle-free delivery, we've got you covered. And the good news? These goodies aren't limited to one location – they ship nationwide!

So, if you're on the lookout for individually wrapped chocolate-covered Oreos, chocolate-covered Oreos individually wrapped, or even Hanukkah cookies delivered, look no further. Elevate your Hanukkah celebrations with the perfect blend of tradition and indulgence with Sweet E's.

This is a gift bag of 1 single oreo.

Hanukkah gold emblem designs come in an assorted variety in each gift bag.