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Set of Covid Christmas Cookies | Custom Order

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Celebrate the holiday season with a unique twist by indulging in our Holiday Logo Cookies – a set of festive COVID Christmas Shortbread Cookies from Sweet E's Bake Shop, because nothing like remembering the time where everything in life changed. These delightful treats are not just cookies; they're a charming and delicious way to spread joy, laughter, and a touch of humor during the festive season.

Custom Christmas Cookies
Our Holiday Logo Cookies are a festive masterpiece that combines the warmth of the holiday season with a personalized touch. Crafted with care in our Los Angeles bakery, these shortbread cookies are shaped into whimsical holiday designs and decorated with edible fondant images that can be customized to feature your logo, adding a unique branding element to your holiday celebrations. Dimensions: 3'' square or 3x2 rectangles.

The magic of the season is truly captured in our Personalized Christmas Cookies. Each cookie is a canvas for your holiday wishes and brand representation, making them the perfect addition to corporate gifts, client appreciation, or as a sweet treat for friends and family. If you like to upload your logo or photo go to our Custom cookie design studio and see live how it will look like.

COVID Christmas Cookies
Embrace the holiday spirit with a touch of humor and awareness with our COVID Christmas Cookies. These specially designed shortbread cookies feature playful and festive representations of masks, hand sanitizers, and other COVID-related elements. They add a lighthearted touch to your celebrations, acknowledging the unique circumstances of the year with a sense of humor.

Our Holiday Logo Cookies set includes an assortment of COVID Christmas Shortbread Cookies, each designed to bring a smile to your face. Whether it's a gingerbread person wearing a mask or a snowflake with a hand sanitizer bottle, each cookie is a delightful nod to the times we live in.

Looking for the perfect gift that combines personalization and holiday cheer? Our Holiday Logo Cookies are an ideal choice. Whether you're sending them as a corporate gift or sharing them with loved ones, these cookies add a sweet and personalized touch to your festive celebrations.

Order your set of Holiday Logo Cookies today and elevate your holiday celebrations with a delightful blend of custom designs, festive spirit, and a touch of COVID Christmas humor.