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Trick or Treat Dessert Table | Custom Order

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We have the secret to make your Halloween or Day of the dead party extra sweet and memorable – our Halloween Trick or Treat Tables! These tables are like a candy lover's dream come true, and you can totally customize them to suit your Halloween vibe.

This tabel includes catering options such as:

- Mini cupcakes , Photo cake pops, chocolate dipped pretzels, stuffed chocolate chip cookies, custom colored rice krispies and delicious pumpkin and lovely skull shortbread cookies.

What's super cool is that you can decorate the table with all sorts of Halloween-themed goodies. Imagine how awesome it'll be when your guests walk in and see this incredible setup. It's not just a dessert table; it's a Day of the dead catering experience full of Sweet E's Bake Shop custom goodies!

And here's the best part – we've got everything you need to easily be ordered online or you can email us at so you don't have to worry about a thing. It's like having your own personal dessert chef for the party. Your friends are going to be talking about this for ages!

So, whether you call it a Halloween Party Dessert Table or just a Halloween Dessert Table, it's all about creating fantastic memories with your friends and family. Don't miss out on this wickedly delightful assortment of treats that'll make your Halloween celebration the sweetest and spookiest one ever!