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Hanukkah DIY Cookies & Cakes Decorating Kits

Hanukkah Desserts Delivered Nationwide

As the Festival of Lights approaches, let the joy of Hanukkah be savored without the stress of preparing your own treats. Sweet E's Bake Shop brings you an exquisite selection of Hanukkah seasonal desserts, expertly crafted and ready for delivery nationwide. 

This Hanukkah, leave behind the hustle and bustle of holiday baking and have your Hanukkah cookies delivered courtesy of Sweet E’s Bake Shop. Enjoy the festivities without the stress, and savor the delicious creations that make the season truly special.

Our Delightful Hanukkah Cookie Creations

Get to know the artistry of our decorators with our Glam Chocolate Dipped Star of David Cookies. These elegant treats are not just cookies; they're edible masterpieces that add glamour to your Hanukkah celebrations. 

Perfect for kids, these Dreidel cookies are made from sweet butter shortbread, topped with premium chocolate, and adorned with adorable emoji dreidel motifs. These cookies are a playful and whimsical addition to your holiday festivities.

For a delightful twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie, Sweet E’s Hanukkah Cookie Cake is great for sharing the joy of Hanukkah with your loved ones.  

Hanukkah Treats for Gifting and Favors

Our Chocolate Oreos have been given a makeover to pay homage to Hanukkah traditions. Each Oreo is dipped in a beautiful blue-and-white marbled chocolate, topped with gold-painted decorations, and stamped with classic Hanukkah symbols. For small gatherings, order the 4- or 6-pack gift box, then upgrade to the gift bag to order bulk quantities for your larger gatherings.

Our Hanukkah cookies delivery service is not only great for your family gatherings, but also perfect for gifting, too. Include Sweet E’s signature gift box with your order, and it will come in a beautiful package complete with a "Happy Hanukkah" gift tag.

Hanukkah DIY Kits for Creative Endeavors 

Unleash your creativity with our DIY Hanukkah Cookie Kit. Pre-baked cookies, vibrant icing, and festive sprinkles are included in the kit for a delightful baking experience that adds a personal touch to your Hanukkah festivities.

For some festive decorating fun, order our DIY Hanukkah Cupcake Kit. Perfect for all ages, this kit lets you decorate your cupcakes with Hanukkah-themed toppings without having to deal with the stress of baking. 

Hanukkah Treats for Nationwide Delivery

Make this Hanukkah special with Sweet E's Bake Shop’s Hanukkah desserts delivery service. Place your orders now and let the joy of our delectable treats illuminate your celebrations. Ordering our Hanukkah treats is simple - just select the treats you want, add to cart, then schedule your arrival date. Enjoy the convenience of nationwide delivery, ensuring that the sweetness of the season reaches your doorstep, no matter where you are in the country.