Winter Snowflake Oreo Gift Box | 4 Pack - Sweet E&
Winter Snowflake Oreo Gift Box | 4 Pack - Sweet E&
Winter Snowflake Oreo Gift Box | 4 Pack - Sweet E&

Winter Snowflake Oreo Gift Box | 4 Pack

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 Chocolate Covered Christmas Oreos! Our classic Sweet E's Oreos have received a winter holiday makeover, emerging as Winter Snowflake Oreos – a seasonal treat that's bound to bring pure joy to your taste buds. These scrumptious oreo christmas gifts delights have been specially crafted to capture the essence of the festive season, making them a delightful addition to your holiday celebrations.

Each snowflake oreo cookies is lovingly dipped in a light blue-tinted chocolate coating, creating a harmonious blend of rich chocolate and the cool, crisp feeling of winter. But we didn't stop there – we've adorned each Oreo with a delicate white fondant snowflake, evoking the beauty of freshly fallen snow. To add an extra touch of enchantment, we've sprinkled our oreo christmas gift box with edible glitter, ensuring they sparkle just like the winter wonderland outside your window.

The magic doesn't end with the taste and appearance; it's in the presentation too. 
These chocolate covered Holiday Snowflake Oreos come packaged in a beautiful gift box tied with a silver bow and a Sweet Holiday Wishes gift tag, perfect as a party favor or Holiday gift for friends and family this festive season. They're not just delicious; they're also a feast for the eyes.

We've taken extra care to individually place each Chocolate Covered Christmas Oreo in a Sweet E's Gift Box turning them into the perfect party favor or sweet gift for your loved ones during this joyful season. The sight of these beautifully wrapped Oreos is sure to bring smiles and warm hearts with our chocolate covered oreo gift boxes.

For businesses aiming to spread holiday cheer and appreciation, our Chocolate Covered Christmas Oreos make fantastic corporate gifts for clients and employees alike.

To accommodate your needs, our Winter Snowflake Oreos, also known as Chocolate Covered Christmas Oreos, are available for order in bulk quantities. If you're in Los Angeles, you can conveniently pick them up from our location. Alternatively, we offer nationwide shipping, ensuring that you can share the joy of these delectable chocolate-covered Oreos with friends, partners, and loved ones all across the country.

Celebrate the magic of winter with our Chocolate Covered Christmas Oreos. Order now and make this holiday season even more special with Sweet E's. Available for Los Angeles delivery and nationwide shipping, our Chocolate Covered Christmas Oreos are ready to feel with joy your home and your loved ones.

Available for Los Angeles delivery and nationwide shipping.

This is a gift box of 4 single oreo.